Fencing In College


At  Frisco Fencing Academy, our goal is to prepare our fencers to be great athletes, great team members and great contributors to their communities.

Fencing can be a great path to achieve an athletic scholarship and acceptance at top universities that offer fencing programs. Please see coach for more details.

  1. Boston College

  2. Brown University

  3. Cleveland State University

  4. Columbia University (including Barnard College)

  5. Cornell University (women only)

  6. Duke University

  7. Fairleigh Dickinson University (women only)

  8. Harvard University

  9. Lafayette College

  10. New Jersey Institute of Technology

  11. Northwestern University (women only)

  12. Ohio State University

  13. Pennsylvania State University

  14. Princeton University

  15. Sacred Heart University

  16. St Johns University

  17. Stanford University

  18. Temple University (women only)

  19. United States Air Force Academy

  20. University of Detroit Mercy

  21. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  22. University of Notre Dame

  23. University of Pennsylvania

  24. University of the Incarnate Word

  25. Wagner College (women only)

  26. Yale University

  1. Long Island University CW Post Campus (women’s team only)

  2. McKendree University

  3. Queens College, City University of New York (women’s team only)

  4. University of California, San Diego (will move to Division 1 in the 2020/2021 academic year)

  5. Wayne State University

  1. Brandies University

  2. California Institute of Technology

  3. City College of New York (women only)

  4. Drew University

  5. Haverford College

  6. Hunter College

  7. Johns Hopkins University

  8. Lawrence University

  9. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  10. New York University

  11. Stevens Institute of Technology

  12. Tufts University (women only)

  13. Vassar College

  14. Wellesley College (women only)

  15. Yeshiva University

  16. Delaware Valley University (will field first fencing team in 2019/2020 academic year)