Coaching Staff

Hector Florencia

Coach Hector Florencia has been involved in the sport of fencing for 15 years as a highly trained international competitor; and was ranked 7th globally in his category in 2014 thanks to Coach Waldek Czaja. He has competed in seven World Championships, over 20 World Cup Grand Prixes, and has been the Senior National Champion and Junior Olympic Champion several times. Coach Hector graduated The Ohio State University with a Bachelor of Science in Sports Industry, and attended university with an athletic scholarship. He has competed in the highest levels of NCAA Fencing representing the Ohio State University and has medaled nationally in the US.

Coach Hector was trained by Waldek Czaja, member of the Polish Junior and Senior National Team, medalist in numerous world cup events, National Coach for the US Fencing Team and awarded with the degree of Moniteur L’Armes by the United States Fencing Association.

Coach Hector was also trained by Vladimir Nazlymov, six time Olympic medalist, ten time world champion, national team coach for the Soviet Union and head coach for The Ohio State University. Coach Nazlymov was considered the best fencer of all time by the International Fencing Federation (FIE).

Chris Slaughter

Chris Slaughter was trained by the internationally renowned Vladimir Nazlymov, 10-time World Champion and 6-time Olympic medalist, twice named the world’s best sabre fencer by the (F.I.E.) International Fencing Federation, and current fencing head coach of Ohio State University. Chris was selected for the US Junior and Senior national team to compete in World Cups and trained with the Russian and German national teams to prepare for the Olympic Games. Chris fenced with many of the world’s top fencers during the rebirth of the American fencing era. He has trained with US national champions Peter Westbrook, Mika’il Sankofa, Terrence Lasker, Akhnaten Spencer-El, and Keeth Smart. In addition, he was an important training partner to Stanislav Pozdniakov while he prepared in the US with coach Nazlymov prior to the 1996 Olympics. Chris started coaching in 2007 and has developed a variety of highly effective training techniques and strategies designed to develop the ultimate fencing athlete. He has taught at all competitive levels in St. Louis and Kansas City..

Michael Czaja

Michael Czaja trained under his father and internationally recognized coach Waldek Czaja. With over 15 years of competitive fencing experience, Michael offers a classic approach to modern fencing with specializations in conditioning, physical therapy, and footwork.